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SUNKIS concept of environmental protection to create a sustainable life full of wood

      SUNKIS wood knows as to wood as the raw material of the wood products industry should be responded with the nature of gratitude and reverence to its inception, St. Keith actively promote green products development and production, launch new environment-friendly wooden doors, zero carbon wooden doors, not only achieves the product of environmental health, more active for consumers to bear the social responsibility of energy-saving emission reduction. Along with the construction of sustainable industrial chain, St Keith pushing resource recycling action attracted attention. We firmly believe that to promote sustainable forest management, is an important force to help the human and the nature harmonious unification, St. Keith determined to build resource recycling type enterprise, to "green industry," zero carbon "dream" has taken a solid pace, in promoting industry low carbon economic transformation to contribute, so as to realize the sustainable St. Keith wood philosophy of life.