Joining condition:
* "To join a successful a" is "St. Keith" pursued the goal, to our future cooperation is not disturbed, please basically agree with the following requirements after the decision on whether to join.
* Identity "Saint Keith" business philosophy, with wood industry, have the confidence and ability to make a good shop;
* Legal independent legal personality, with a certain amount of financial strength, good financial credit;
* A fixed place of business, the actual area of not less than 40 square meters, stores only sell "San Keith" specified products;
* Willing to accept the company's operating guidance, to accept the company's training and management to strictly fulfill the franchise contract;
* Good relationship with the local community, with a complete marketing team and a certain customer base.

Affiliate program:
1, to join the company advisory;
2, the applicant does understand and understand the operating mode of operation, to determine the application to join;
3, qualification: the company headquarters in accordance with your regional and operational capacity comprehensive assessment, to make a reply to your invitation, to visit our company, to discuss the matter;
4, through the qualification examination, the two sides depth negotiations to determine the details of the cooperation, and the formal signing of the sales contract ", the franchisee to pay a franchise fee and other expenses, headquarters to provide related operation manual and trademark, brand authorization.
5, the company sent Commissioner in the franchise to guide the decoration.
6,Professional training in 6, the company will on the system manager, the staff, to ensure that the store quickly into operation.
7, the company will be based on the specific circumstances of the franchise, to provide pre opening publicity, the opening period of the store promotional activities, and to assist in the implementation of the specific store.
8, stores opened, headquarters to provide further operational guidance, regular, irregular implementation of all advertising, promotional activities, new conference, exhibition, according to every promotional activities themes and objectives and uniform distributed terminal promotional items and promotional activities, guidance.